• Legendary A123 - 20Ah pouch cells

    Now in 3xE! Model: AMP20M1HD-A


Our company is searching for dealers for our products (electric cars, battery systems, chargers, electric motors) in areas:

Germany: Kiel, Lübeck, Rostock, Hamburg, Bremen, Berlin, Hannover, Essen, Köln, Leipzig, Frankfurt am Main, Dresden, Nürnberg, Stuttgart, Regensburg, München,... other

Austria: Wien, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Graz, Klagenfurt,... other

Netherlands: Amsterdam, Utrecht,... other

United Kingdom: London, Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Leeds, Norwich,... other

France: Paris, Lyon, Nantes, Bordeaux, Toulouse,... other

Spain: Madrid, Sevilla, Granada, La Coruna,... other

Italy: Milano, Torino, Venezia, Bologna, San Marino, Roma, Napoli,... other


If you would like to become our dealer (reseller) and you come from another country/city - let us know.




Basic conditions to become official distributor:

  • battery dealers: order batteries with value of at least 50.000 USD and later orders with value of at least 25.000 USD per year (to keep exclusiveness in specified district)

  • electric vehicle dealers: order show car for customer presentations and later average number of ordered cars depending on size of district (to keep exclusiveness in district)